Our Story

Art is the collection of human expression and experiences.

It records our thoughts and concerns. It defines who we are. It elevates and inspires us. It is the ultimate form of communication, allowing us to transcend language barriers.

Murage is art.

Murage embraces art in all its forms, and we rep all types of street art, including community art projects, sculptures, and especially murals.

Murals are powerful because they contribute to a community’s identity.

They are art for the people, giving those who gaze upon a painted wall creative license to enjoy and interpret it through their own life experiences.

They infuse us with an appreciation for the artistic process. As a mural is painted, community members stop to chat, revel in what they see and walk away with a better understanding of the talent required to make that wall come alive.

Murage was born to help promote and perpetuate public art because its intrinsic value contributes to a higher quality of life.

Studies have found social offerings and aesthetics top the list as drivers of attachment to cities for local residents and that cities with the highest levels of attachment have the highest rate of GDP growth. Therefore, arts and culture have a strong correlation to economic growth.

These are tangible benefits to increasing public art in towns and cities around the world. A strong public arts program is a great way to attract new residents and tourists, while strengthening communities.

Creative Director Bryan Speece founded Murage because he’s passionate about art and believes it beautifies our communities while possessing the power to spark our imagination, ignite creativity, and stimulate conversation.

Speece has seen the benefits of street art firsthand in his hometown of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Less than a decade ago, Harrisburg was making national news as it considered bankruptcy. However, the city avoided that fate and something amazing happened.

Everyday citizens started stepping up to breath new life into the state capitol. Restaurants, coffee shops, cultural attractions, and microbreweries started to appear in its urban center. The lifeblood of this rebirth was a growing art scene that included investment in studio spaces, galleries and, of course, street art.

In 2017 Harrisburg had its first mural festival organized by Sprocket Mural Works.

Now Harrisburg is seeing great economic and population growth. In fact, this past January it was named a top growth city.

We want other struggling areas to experience the same renaissance as Harrisburg and we know just how to help.

As artists capture the human condition via the public art they create, Murage will support the medium by giving back a dime of every dollar earned to organizations and artists who make street art in our communities.

Join us on our journey and see why life’s a Murage.